EasyPaint Launches in DC

On December 8th, some of the area’s top designers, realtors, and decorators gathered at the 1776 Penthouse in Northwest to celebrate the launch of EasyPaint. Drawing on over 100 years of combined experience in the paint industry, the start-up team excitedly unveiled its service to the market: one that seeks to make finding and hiring a painter quick and hassle-free.


Originally conceptualized by CEO Marty Cornish, formerly of Sherwin-Williams, and his co-worker Oliver Harriehausen, EasyPaint received a significant boon when Denis Abrams, former CEO of Benjamin Moore, came on board. At the event, Denis delivered a speech that related the professionalism, dedication, and the direction of the new company. Reflecting his years of experience within the paint industry, Denis offered some words of wisdom about the current state of the industry and how EasyPaint intends to improve it. The old model of painting, Denis said, was “fraught with time-consuming challenges and the results were often far from satisfactory.” “Why not leave it to the experts?” Abrams asked.

Denis Abrams introduces the EasyPaint team

Some of the experts, of course, were in attendance. The EasyPaint team, a diverse, if not eclectic, group of world-class leaders in creativity, software, paint, and business, was led onstage before a crowd of over a hundred people as Denis introduced each member by name. Their talent could only be matched by the anticipation that was readily apparent on their faces when they were on stage. Having worked so hard on the project so far, and with a clear and exciting vision of the future, the team was elated to see so many efforts put into fruition and the gears finally turning.

Brian Smith of Palmer Brothers http://www.palmerbros.com/

A night of mingling and excitement led up to the unveiling of the actual site, which Marty launched live in front of the crowd. Standing behind a podium with a large projector screen behind him in TED Talk fashion, Marty walked the attendees through the site in real-time. Uploading a picture of a demo room that needed painting and getting a dummy quote, Marty showed what the site is all about: simplicity, ease, and speed. The proof was in the pudding: the site truly was simple and convenient. No Craigslist, no e-mailing back and forth, no researching painting companies. An idea and a picture of the space is now all it takes to get your space professionally painted.

CEO Marty Cornish unveils the site live

The event was welcome to many different sectors from different disciplines. Joshua Szmajda, CTO of Optoro, another tech start-up in the district, which recently raised a $50M series C round of investment from local VC Revolution Growth, among others, said that “[EasyPaint] is making the market for really high-quality painting accessible and understandable!” The district’s designers, decorators, and homeowners are also impressed by the launch. “With EasyPaint, you’re doing it right the first time,” said Tracy Morris, one of DC’s top interior designers. “You get what you pay for,” she added.

Both lighthearted and direction-oriented, the night perfectly embodied EasyPaint’s values and goals. The party cemented several things for its attendees: the necessity of the company in the current market, the ease and navigability of the website, and the enthusiasm of the company’s team members. Not unlike its intended product, EasyPaint’s launch was bright and vibrant, and left a lasting impression.

To start 2015 off right, and to celebrate our DC launch, we’re offering our friends an exclusive special. If you schedule a project with EasyPaint before January 31, 2015, we’ll waive the entire 15% service fee. That means to start off 2015, you will be able to have your home looking fresh. You will have all the benefits of EasyPaint– a certified professional crew leader who is licensed and insured, a perfection guarantee on your work, and all of the ease that comes with hiring EasyPaint to complete your project.

Be sure to enter “Perfect 2015” into the “How did you hear about EasyPaint?” box on the site. If you have any questions or would like some additional help to get your project rolling, please send an email to service@easypaint.com or call us at 202-965-3792.

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