1. Where is EasyPaint's service area?

We currently serve customers in Washington, DC, Maryland, Northern Virginia, Raleigh NC, Durham County NC and Wake Forest County NC.

2. What type of services does EasyPaint perform?

Interior painting, exterior painting, minor carpentry, drywall repairs, ceiling repairs, plaster repair, wallpaper installation, wallpaper removal, powerwashing, interior wood staining, exterior wood staining.

3. When do I select colors? What if I need help?

Colors must be selected and presented to your EasyPaint project manager one day prior to your scheduled start date. If you need help selecting colors we will provide a list of our preferred color and design specialists.

4. Who buys the paint? What paint products will be used?

EasyPaint purchases all paint and materials, and the cost of premium paint products is always included in EasyPaint proposals. We use premium brands including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams, PPG and Farrow & Ball. If a customer requests specific “top shelf” paints from any manufacturer then EasyPaint will account for the material cost in the customer proposal.

5. How should I protect my furniture and valuables?

Your EasyPaint crew will move all furniture as necessary and cover all floors and furniture with plastic or canvas drop cloths to protect them from paint drips and dust. Valuables should be stored in a safe place, and if you have anything hanging from the wall, you should remove it. If you wish to keep the item hanging in the same place, please leave the nail in the wall. If not, simply remove it, and the crew will fill the hole and paint over that area. EasyPaint does not handle electronics so customers should unplug and remove their electronics before the crew arrives in the morning to begin your project.

6. What do I need to do before my project starts?

Your EasyPaint project manager will handle everything except the color selection, moving picture frames from the wall and handling electronics. So choose your colors, store your valuables, unplug and sit back! Soon you will enjoy your freshly painted space.